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Customers load their things to washers themselves, choose washing temperature, can bring own detergents (or can buy from our range). On the other hand, it is not full service. We have attendants, who can help and consult customers. They will reload your things from washer to dryer and from dryer to washbowl. In case you choose wash+dry+fold service, our attendants will fold your things. In case you come to the laundry and all machines are busy, you can pay for the services chosen in the terminal and leave your things to attendant, she will do all the job for you.

Payment terminal does not give change. If you need some change to pay exact amount, our attendant will help you with it.

There is no need to wait for things to be ready in the laundry, customers can come back and pick up the order when convenient, it can be next day. Just do not forget to bring your receipt with you. If there is no queue, standard wash and dry takes around 2 hours. If you bring to wash such oversized thing as blanket, or down coat, wash and dry cycle can take around 3 hours (it takes longer for these kind of things to get dry and this is why these oversized things and thick coats have separate price).

Not all of our attendants speak foreign languages and payment terminal is in russian, but we have english price list. You can point to our attendant services you need from this price list. She will help you with choosing corresponding services in the payment terminal and making payment.

Please, note, that laundries do not provide dry cleaning service. We also do not iron personal things, only bed linen and towels.

     Prices of services     

Services Morning price on weekdays (till 11:00) Price on weekdays (after 11:00) Weekend & Holidays
Wash - 1 load up to 5 kg (11 lb.) 100 rubles 130 rubles 140 rubles
Dry - 1 load up to 5 kg (11 lb.) 80 rubles 110 rubles 120 rubles
Wash + Dry + Fold - 1 load up to 5 kg (11 lb.)
(price includes all necessary detergents and conditioner)
280 rubles 330 rubles 350 rubles
Down coat / Warm coat / Membrane coat / Sleeping bag etc.
(per piece) price includes wash, dry and all necessary detergents
330 rubles 400 rubles 400 rubles
Blanket / Rug / Sofa cover
(per piece) price includes wash, dry and all necessary detergents
330 rubles 400 rubles 400 rubles

In addition to standard washing machines, most of our laundries are equipped with bigger washing machines with 10 kg load. These machines are used to wash such oversized things as blankets, rugs, sofa covers etc. In case you wish to use these machines for standard wash, the price is double from standard wash or standard wash+dry+fold price, mentioned above.

Detergents, softeners etc.:
Detergents Price
Washing powder "Миф" 10 rubles (portion)
Washing powder "Tide" 15 rubles (portion)
Washing powder or washing gel "Ariel" 20 rubles (portion)
Fabric conditioner "Lenor" 15 rubles (portion)
Bleach, powder booster "ACE" 30 rubles (portion)
Stain remover "Vanish" 35 rubles (portion)
Big plastic bag 20 rubles
Straight linen ironing on flatwork ironer1 30 rubles (per piece)2
1 - Service available not in all laundries.
2 – 1 piece means – one duvet cover, one sheet, one pillowcase, one towel etc. Price does not depend on the size. We do not have service of ironing clothing (pants, shirts etc.)
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